May 22, 2024

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Where is the hacking device for the diamond casino Heist?

Where is the hacking device for the diamond casino Heist?

Heist Prep: Hacking Device is an assignment in Grand Theft Auto Online that prepares you for the Diamond Casino Heist. You will either be robbing the FIB Building or the NOOSE Headquarters during this mission. You can steal a hacking gadget from any of these places and bring it back to the Arcade via either route. In this article, we’ll explain where to get the hacking equipment in GTA Online for each of these cities. You should also bring a second player as backup, however this is not mandatory. In this article, know where is the hacking device for the diamond casino heist here! 

FIB Building hacking device location

Finding the hacking device at the FIB Building might be challenging, but following the heist’s procedures can help. First, it will be on the upper levels of the structure, so you’ll have to sneak inside.

The first step in completing the objective is to eliminate the agents guarding the destination. Search their remains for a security pass after you’ve killed them so you may get into the FIB Building without being stopped. Even if you know the ins and outs of the Hacking Device theft, it’s best to follow the instructions to the letter to avoid getting into trouble.

When you enter, the Sightseer app on your phone will alert you to take the elevator to the top floors. The closer you are to the hacking device, the more audible and rapid the application’s sounds will be. Hacking Devices can appear everywhere in the building, however they are most commonly found on the top levels near FIB agents. A briefcase that glows in the dark will house it. If you want to increase your chances of locating it, turn on the sound.

After retrieving the hacking device, you’ll need to leave the FIB Building, but the alarm will go off as soon as you leave the lobby, so be prepared to make a hasty exit.

Location of the NOOSE Hacking Device in Its Main Office

The NOOSE main office is another potential hacking device site. The only real difference between these two objectives is where you need to conduct your raid. Like the FIB mission, you’ll need to get to the starting point and remove any agents present. Then, once you’ve extracted them, you may check their pockets for the security pass. The next step is to visit NOOSE’s main office and check in. It’s located beyond the city limits, to the east.

Inside, much like the FIB Building, is the hacking gadget. Once again, each participant chooses their own place. You’ll have to rely on Sightseer, and as you get closer to the hacking equipment, the app’s beeping will get faster and louder. The hacking equipment will seem like a briefcase and will be half illuminated when you locate it. Pick it up and go back outside when you’re done.

The alarms will start going off as soon as you step outside, so you’ll have to make a beeline for the Arcade to return it as quickly as possible.


And with that, this manual comes to a close. You’ve managed to rip off the casino to the tune of several million dollars. Specifically, your annual income exceeds $2.7 million. The Diamond Casino Heist has a potential payoff of $3.619 million, which may be taken if you steal enough diamonds. After paying your staff and Lester’s share, the players are left with $2,714,250.

We really want you to get the most out of your Casino Heist Experience, and we hope this guide helped. Visit Grand Theft Fans for even more instructions, as we will be producing the most information on a daily basis.