July 22, 2024

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Most Popular Sports In India

Most Popular Sports In India

In every contemporary civilisation, sports play a significant role and India is no different where a lot of sports have rich cultural and historical origins. A sport’s popularity is often determined by the quantity of viewers and the revenue it generates. 

The success of Indian sportspeople boosts the appeal of particular sports. Certain sports have a considerably larger fan base and are more popular than others, while others have difficulty gaining traction. 

Top Sports In India

As additional sports catch the attention of Indian players and supporters their popularity has inevitably increased. Before we get started, it’s crucial to remember that the rating of these well-liked sports in India is based on betting statistics from the top online betting sites in India.

We also take into account the results from online surveys. These sports rankings don’t always reflect the overall success of that sport in India. Now, let’s go on a quest to learn more about the most popular sports in India.


For a very long time, cricket has been one of the most popular sports to play and watch in India. Because of the enthusiasm and widespread appeal it generates, cricket, as the saying goes, may be called the nation’s religion.

There are a few reasons why cricket is still so popular. Cricket matches are constantly aired and promoted by premier sporting networks. However, India’s national success in the sport also significantly affects the sport’s sustained popularity.

The lucrative sponsorship deals that cricket players consistently land also add to the sport’s and players’ appeal. It’s expected that cricket will continue to be the most popular sport in India due to the consistent influx of talent with each generation that passes.


The people in India have long been interested in badminton, and their interest has grown due to Indian players’ achievements abroad. In response to the rise of Indian players on the international stage, the Premier Badminton League was founded in 2013 under the supervision of the Badminton Association of India (BAI). 

The league drew a big crowd because of its fast-paced format and the presence of elite Indian players. Anticipate fierce competition from Indian badminton players for the top spot in the next Olympics.


One of the most watched sports in the world, tennis has a large following in India. India has a long history of producing excellent doubles players, even if we haven’t seen many successes on the singles front. 

In an effort to increase tennis viewership in India, Mahesh Bhupathi established the International Premier Tennis League (IPTL) in 2014. The IPTL consists of four teams from four nations: the Indian Aces, Japan Warriors, Singapore Slammers and UAE Royals. 

Its creation was motivated by the 1970s World Team Tennis and the IPL’s popularity in India. Although the league was largely successful, its popularity depended on the arrival of tennis greats like Pete Sampras and Roger Federer.


Football (soccer) is the most popular sport globally and is quickly gaining popularity among Indians. This one is based predominantly on viewer ratings because, on a national level, the Indian team isn’t nearly as successful as other countries. 

The Indian Super League (ISL) is the country’s current football competition, which emulates European squads. However, football’s popularity in India comes from the enormous fan base of European club tournaments despite the ISL’s substantial following. One of the sports leagues that Indians watch the most is the Premier League. 


Indian basketball has long played a significant role in the country’s sports culture, despite its lacklustre international performance. One of the most well-liked sports in schools and universities is this one. 

In the past few years, India has had considerable success in basketball when the Indian Women’s Basketball Team advanced to the FIBA Women’s Asia Cup by winning Division A. 

This is the first time a basketball team from India has accomplished such a feat worldwide. In 2015, the Dallas Mavericks selected Satnam Singh Bhamara, making him the first Indian player to be chosen by an NBA team and the first player to be selected while still in school.

Even though he didn’t play much in the NBA, his achievement signalled a vital turning point for Indian basketball and provided opportunities for other Indian players.


In India, hockey is considered a national sport. It has had great success in the past; the men’s team, with 12 medals, including eight gold ones, is the most successful in Olympic history. The popularity of hockey has declined since then. 

Hockey is still prevalent in India because of the Hockey India League (HIL), despite occasional blips when it seems to be rebounding. This tournament was started in 2013 with the goal of gaining popularity among the general population. It is modelled after the Indian Premier League.


The history of kabaddi dates back to ancient India, when it was said to have been performed as a combat training exercise. It was mostly a rural sport that became well-liked in small towns and villages.

The Pro-Kabaddi League, held annually in many places around India, has brought kabaddi back to prominence among the traditional Indian sports. This is because of its apparent appeal and the fact that new viewers are gradually becoming more knowledgeable about the sport. It has already created a solid viewer base and a group of eager sponsors.


Most young Indians will link boxing to WWE in their early memories. Nonetheless, boxing is a professional sport that differs significantly from combat-based performances like WWE. In India, boxing gained prominence with Vijender Singh’s 2008 Olympic bronze medal. 

Another name that comes to mind is Mary Kom. She has six World Championship victories and an Olympic bronze medal under her belt. Boxing has become a global source of several awards with the rise of a core group of talented fighters representing India. 

Due to this success, there’s been a noticeable rise in media coverage, which has helped to publicise boxing tournaments and showcase the accomplishments of Indian fighters. Professional boxing leagues like the Super Boxing League (SBL) and Indian Boxing Council (IBC) have recently emerged, sparking increased interest in the sport.

Other Popular Sporting Activities in India

There are several other sporting activities that Indians often take part in. They don’t usually get mentioned because they are considered hobbies or less popular than those noted above. These sporting activities include:

  • Cycling
  • Wrestling
  • Motorsports
  • Dancing
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Fitness
  • Cardio
  • Aerobics
  • Running
  • Jogging
  • Swimming
  • Diving

While these activities might not get recognised as often as they should, they still play a vital role in many Indian citizens’ lives.