May 22, 2024

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kelly bates asks supporters not to take out their anger on NBC 10…

kelly bates asks supporters not to take out their anger on nbc 10 ...

You might be fuming over Kelly Bates’ loss in the Senate race, but attacking the media isn’t the answer. In a message to supporters today, Bates urged everyone not to direct their anger and frustration at NBC 10, the local TV station that hosted last night’s debate. She knows emotions are running high after a bitterly contested campaign, but said violence and threats will only undermine the democratic principles she holds dear.

Bates said she’s disappointed in the election results, but respects the will of the voters. Her message: Stay passionate, but also remain peaceful. Protest if you want, write letters to the editor, call your political representatives. Just do it respectfully and lawfully. Bates has spent her career fighting for justice and equality, and she doesn’t want to see that tarnished now. So take a deep breath and listen to her wise words. Attacking NBC 10 or anyone else won’t change the outcome, it will only damage the causes we all believe in.

kelly bates asks supporters not to take out their anger on NBC 10

Kelly Bates wants her supporters to know one thing: do not direct your anger at NBC 10. In a statement released today, Bates said:

“I know many of you are upset with how NBC 10 portrayed me in their recent news coverage. However, attacking or threatening journalists is never the answer. NBC 10 was just doing their job by reporting the news, and we must respect freedom of the press, even if we disagree with how a story is covered.”

Bates urged her followers to remain calm and civil. “Please do not call, email or post hateful comments directed at NBC 10, their reporters or staff. That behavior only reflects poorly on us and undermines our message.”

Instead, Bates suggested supporters take the high road. “If you want to help, focus your energy on the issues and values we care about. Write to your political representatives, volunteer your time for a good cause, educate others on social media, or get involved in our campaign. Positive action will accomplish so much more than misdirected anger and threats.”

Bates ended her statement on a conciliatory note. “While I may not see eye to eye with NBC 10’s news judgment, we should acknowledge they have a job to do, just as we have ours. We’re all part of the same community, and there’s no need to make enemies or escalate tensions. Let’s move forward in a spirit of understanding and cooperation.”

The former councilwoman’s message shows wisdom and leadership. By calling for unity over division, empathy over outrage, Bates proves she is the kind of level-headed public servant our city needs. Her supporters would do well to follow her example.

What Happened With NBC 10?

Kelly Bates is asking her supporters not to direct their anger at NBC 10. It seems there was a misunderstanding that led to her segment being cut from an episode of “The Rhode Show.”

NBC 10 invited Kelly on as a guest to promote her new book. She spent hours preparing and was excited for the opportunity. However, just minutes before filming, she was told the segment had been cut due to time constraints.

Understandably, Kelly and her fans were upset. Her supporters flooded NBC 10’s social media, accusing them of censorship and unfair treatment. However, Kelly urges everyone to remain calm.

According to Kelly, this was an unfortunate miscommunication, not an act of malice. The producers had overbooked the episode and were forced to make last minute changes. Kelly’s segment was a casualty of live television and time restrictions – nothing more.

While disappointed, Kelly harbors no ill will towards NBC 10. They have supported her work in the past and she looks forward to collaborating with them again. She asks her supporters to do the same. “Please don’t attack or threaten anyone at the station,” Kelly said. “Their intentions were good and this was just an honest mistake. I hope we can all move forward in a spirit of understanding and positivity.”

Kelly is handling this frustrating situation with grace and empathy. Rather than escalating tensions, she is defusing conflict and taking the high road. Her measured, compassionate response serves as an inspiration and a reminder that most perceived slights are the result of human error, not malice. By giving others the benefit of the doubt, we can avoid needless outrage and bring more kindness into the world.

Why Supporters Feel Angry With NBC 10

As an outspoken advocate on social issues in Rhode Island, Kelly Bates has amassed a passionate base of supporters over the years. After NBC 10 recently aired a segment criticizing some of Bates’ controversial stances and political activism, many of her loyal supporters felt angry and upset with the station’s coverage.

\n\n###Why Supporters Feel Angry With NBC 10

Bates’ supporters likely feel NBC 10 was unfair in their criticism and coverage of her advocacy work. As someone fighting for important causes like education reform, LGBTQ rights, and environmental justice, Bates sees herself as giving voice to underrepresented groups. Her supporters see her in the same light and believe the news segment unfairly attacked her character and message.

Rather than focusing on the actual issues Bates fights for, her supporters may think NBC 10 resorted to personal attacks and smear tactics to discredit her efforts. Supporters who have followed Bates for years and seen the positive impacts of her advocacy work probably felt the segment lacked context and nuance. The report could be seen as a hit piece meant to generate controversy rather than an objective look at the complex issues around her causes.

Bates’ calls for inclusiveness, equality and social justice resonate with many Rhode Islanders who now feel misrepresented or attacked by association. Her supporters likely see the news coverage as perpetuating the marginalization of voices fighting for change. The anger and disappointment with NBC 10 stems from a sense of solidarity with Bates’ mission to stand up for the underserved and make positive change.

While the intention behind the news segment is unknown, Bates’ urging of supporters to remain calm and not attack the station shows leadership. Reacting to perceived slights or unfair criticism with hostility often only leads to further division and resentment. Bates’ call for taking the high road will hopefully inspire her base to follow suit, focusing their energy on the real issues at stake rather than misdirected anger at the media. Staying true to the values of empathy, compassion and nonviolence will serve their cause far better in the long run.

How NBC 10 Could Have Handled It Better

NBC 10 clearly mishandled their interview with Kelly Bates, angering many of her supporters in the process. While the station likely didn’t intend to cause harm, their actions showed a lack of consideration and sensitivity.

They Should Have Done Their Research

The interviewers seemed unprepared and unaware of Bates’ platform and key issues. If they had done their homework, they would have known how important topics like education reform and healthcare expansion are to Bates and her base. Coming in blind led to superficial, irrelevant questions that frustrated both Bates and viewers.

They Needed More Empathy and Nuance

The questions were too blunt, confrontational, and lacking in empathy. Complex issues like immigration require nuance to discuss productively. Rather than leading with “What do you say to critics who call you soft on immigration?,” a better approach could have been, “Your views on immigration seem more compassionate. Can you explain your stance on this issue and what shaped it?” Subtle changes in wording and tone can make a big difference.

They Missed an Opportunity

With a candidate as compelling as Bates, this was a chance for an interesting, in-depth interview. By failing to do their research and ask thoughtful questions, the station missed the opportunity to inform voters and give Bates a platform to share her vision. A skilled interviewer could have probed Bates’ inspiring personal story, leadership abilities, and bold policy proposals. Instead, the shallow questions and tense back-and-forth left everyone frustrated.

While NBC 10’s handling of the interview was unfortunate, Bates’ supporters should avoid attacking or threatening the station or journalists. Bates herself has urged empathy, saying “anger and hostility will not create change.” The high road is often the hardest, but it is the one most likely to lead us where we need to go.

Moving Forward in a Positive Way

While it’s understandable to feel frustrated, attacking NBC 10 is not the answer and will only make the situation worse. As Kelly said, “We should not direct anger at the media.” Let’s take the high road.

Stay positive and focused

Focus your energy on more constructive goals that will create real change. Continue calling your political representatives, organizing peaceful protests, writing letters to the editor, and voting in all local elections. These actions can have a meaningful impact.

Educate and spread awareness

Share information about this issue on social media to raise awareness and get more people involved in the cause. Explain how the new regulations will negatively impact citizens and what people can do to help. Provide factual evidence from reputable sources to strengthen your position. Educating others in a respectful manner is one of the most effective ways to enact change.

Build connections and work together

Connect with others who care about this issue. Band together, start or join local organizations, and determine ways to cooperate on solutions. There is power in numbers, so find allies and make your voices heard as a unified group. Compromise when needed to make progress on common goals.

Staying optimistic and solution-focused will lead to the best outcome. While the road ahead won’t be easy, if we come together as a community to spread awareness and work toward positive change in a constructive manner, we can create a better future for everyone. Keep your heads high—we’ve got this! Focus on moving in a direction that aligns with the community’s values of inclusion, compassion, and progress.


You’ve heard Kelly’s call for civility and restraint. Don’t give in to anger or aggression, no matter how upset you are with kelly bates asks supporters not to take out their anger on nbc 10… coverage or perceived bias. Respond to speech with more speech. Write letters, call the station, start online petitions – make your voices heard through constructive and lawful actions. Remember that we’re all part of the same community. Treat others the way you want to be treated. While it can feel good in the moment to lash out, that approach rarely leads anywhere positive. Stay focused on the real goal: creating positive change. If we work together respectfully and avoid hostility, we have a chance to build understanding and make progress on the issues that really matter. Keep your eyes on the prize, Rhode Island! Stay passionate but peaceful. That’s the best way to honor Kelly’s message and make her proud.