July 22, 2024

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How To Download And Play Ludo Supreme Gold 2023 

Ludo Supreme Gold APK

Ludo has always been on the list of popular board games. Its simplicity is what makes it popular among people of every age group. With the introduction of platforms like Zupee in the market, the game of Ludo is available online also and can now be used to make your pockets heavy.  

This article is about the Ludo Supreme Gold Download along with the guide to play this and its review. It contains all the important things which you should know about the apk file download and Ludo Supreme download from their official website. So, without wasting much time, let’s dive right into how you can earn real money by playing the game of Ludo online.  

About Ludo Supreme Gold 

You might already be aware of the game of Ludo. Since a long time, the game of Ludo has been used for the entertainment purpose. But now with the evolution in online gaming and betting, it can now be used for making some money too with full entertainment. 

The game of Ludo Supreme is played like the traditional Ludo board game. The additional feature is of betting. You can place different types of bets here as per your choice. If you win those bets, you will be able to earn real money. Platforms like Zupee offer Ludo games to their customers which are both fun to play and help you in earning real money.  

Ludo Supreme Apk File Download 

You can also download the game Ludo if you want to play it by yourself and with your friends. Downloading the Ludo Supreme is easy and anybody can do it by following a few simple steps. We will mention the steps of downloading for both iOs as well as Android users.  

For Android Users 

  • If you have Android OS, then you can download the game from the Google Play Store.  
  • In the search bar, enter the name of the app. 
  • Go to the app which you want to download and click on the install button. 
  • Once the app download is complete, you can launch it on your device and enjoy the game. 

For iOS Users 

  • You can find this game in the Apple App Store of your device.  
  • Go to the App Store in your phone and search for the Ludo Supreme game in the search bar. 
  • You will find the app that you want to download in the list that appears. 
  • Click on ‘Get’ to start the installation of the game. 
  • Once the download is complete, you can play it. 

For Downloading The APK 

Sometimes, Google Play Store might not support these games due to certain policies. In such cases, you need to download the APK file from the web. Do not worry, the steps involved in the download of the APK are simple. 

  • You will find the link for APK download on the web.  
  • Simply go to Google and search for “Ludo Supreme Gold apk download”. 
  • Visit the appropriate link and download the APK file. 
  • On your device, enable the settings for downloading from untrusted sources. 
  • Install the app through APK and enjoy the game. 

Playing Ludo Supreme Game 

Now that you have downloaded the game, you must know how to play it. Playing this game online is very easy and as simple as the traditional board game of Ludo.  

  • You can make your account on the Ludo Supreme game by registering with a valid mobile number or with your Google Account. 
  • Once your account is created, look for the tournaments to play and some short games also for quick introduction to the game. 
  • As this is an online game of betting, they will ask you to deposit some money before you actually start playing. 
  • Some online gaming sites give their customers a sign-up bonus, which can be used as an initial deposit for starting the game.  
  • The game only gives you 15 seconds to make your move. If you do not make a valid move within 15 seconds, then your turn is lost. 
  • If the game completes within the allotted time, then the winner is declared. Else, the player with the highest score is declared the winner. 

Features That Ludo Supreme Offers 

It is one of the most loved games online because of the features it offers to its players. Some of the unique features of the game are listed below: 

  • Simple Interface: The interface of this app is quite simple and most people can understand it just by opening the application only. If you want to play any tournament or any game, you just have to tap on it and it opens right away. Requires just one time registration. 
  • Languages: The app supports Hindi and English languages. Although, the developers are planning to introduce Marathi language too but for now it’s not clear when Marathi language will be available in the app. 
  • Large Number of Tournaments: On the Ludo Supreme app, players can play a large number of tournaments in different categories. These tournaments are classified according to their entry fee and the rewards which they offer to the winners. 
  • Exciting cashback and referral rewards: The app also offers cashback and referral bonuses to its players. You can enter different codes to get referral bonuses. There are also several coupons offered to the players through which they can avail of exciting cashback. 
  • Money addition: Ludo supreme offers its players variety of options to add money. Players can add money into their accounts through UPI, Net Banking, Credit Cards, Debit Cards and Wallets. 
  • Money withdrawal: The withdrawal of money from this app is convenient and hassle free. The upper limit for the withdrawal is Rs 25,000 while the lower limit is Rs 60. Players need to provide either their bank account number or UPI ID for the withdrawal of the money. The money is directly credited into their bank accounts. 

Must Know Tips for Ludo Supreme 

You might have downloaded the Ludo Supreme app and are all set to play. But before that, you must go through this section. Even if you are playing Ludo Supreme from a long time, you should read this section as it might contain some information of relevance for you also.  

  • The app gives you a referral code to invite more people. Use this referral code so that you earn the referral bonus and the person signing up using your referral code gets sign up bonus. 
  • Skipping your turns may prove to be fatal. Keep an eye on the game and roll the dice timely. 
  • Download game from the official website of Ludo Supreme to avoid any kind of fraud. 
  • Never download any third-party apps for assistance in the game. These apps might make false claims that they will help you win but Ludo Supreme will ban your account if you take assistance of these apps. 
  • Practice by playing with your friends so in the tournament games you do not waste time in devising strategies.  

Many people ask for the Ludo Supreme Gold review as they find online games dangerous and untrustworthy. If you download Ludo Supreme from their official website, then it is safe to play. Never download any third-party apps related to the game or any hacks otherwise you will be banned from playing.  


Ludo is a which we all have played at some point to kill the time and have fun! Ludo Supreme has made the traditional board game of Ludo available online. The app also offers betting opportunities to the interested people. Players can win huge amounts just by showcasing their Ludo skills.  

This article introduces its readers to Ludo Supreme Gold. The method of downloading the game from various platforms such as Play Store, Apple Store and apk file are discussed in the article. Near the end of the article, some tips and tricks which Ludo Supreme players must know are also discussed along with a review of the game. We hope that this article helps you in all possible ways. For reading more such informative and interesting content, keep following our blog page.