May 22, 2024

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8 Important Steps in Play India Lottery Winning Formula for Winning BIG 

Play India Lottery Winning Formula

Everyone wants to know the secret hidden behind winning the lotteries. A lot of people have been misguided into some non-working methods. Lotteries have been in the market for a long time and have fascinated people. Winning a lottery is believed to be the result of good fortune. Many people talk about the secrets of winning a lottery but it’s very rare that someone has a genuine method hidden in their secret. 

In Play India Lottery Winning Formula, we put before a reliable method based upon mathematics and probability which will be helpful for you while choosing your number for the lottery ticket. In this way, you may create your own set of numbers, which you may call your secret! 

Popular Indian Lottery Platform: Play India Lottery 

Play India Lottery has created a buzz in the lottery market and has emerged as one of the most popular lottery platforms. It offers multiple lucky draws in a day. The number of lotteries available through this platform for now is limited to six. These are: Sangam, Chetak, Super, MP Deluxe, Bhagya Rekha and Diamond. 

The draw begins every day at 9:00 AM with each draw occurring at an interval of 15 mins. The draw ends at 9:00 PM. Players are required to select six numbers between 1 to 100 in each draw. 

This kind of game calls for expertise as you cannot choose six numbers at random and expect to win some jackpot. For ensuring your win in the draw, you must have a grip over the formula we will be suggesting you in this article. 

India Centric Lottery Platform 

The Play India Lottery is completely based in India and only players from India can participate in the draws organized by this platform. Players from other countries are not allowed to take part in the draws of this platform.  

This thing is both advantageous and non-advantageous to the players of this lottery platform. They are missing out on the opportunity to interact with gamblers from across the world. But meanwhile, this thing is cutting out their competition and they are getting ground with much less players which is beneficial in lottery games.   

This was all about a short introduction related to Play India Lottery platform. Now, its time to have a look at the real thing which is Play India Lottery Formula.  

The Secret Unveiled: Play India Lottery Winning Formula 

This is no less than opening a box of secrets as this offers you a way towards your jackpot. Read carefully the steps which are being mentioned below and the result of these will be of great help to you while playing lottery: 

  1. The Alphabetical Play India Lottery Formula is: A=A; B-A=BA; C-B=CB; D-C=DC; E-D=ED; F-E=FE 
  1. Choose six random numbers between 1 to 100 and denote them as A, B, C, D, and E respectively. 
  1. Once this is done, put the numbers in the formula in place of the alphabets they denote and calculate the results. 
  1. After applying this formula, you will be left with six numbers. 
  1. Add 3 to each of these numbers and obtain the result. 
  1. Repeat the above mentioned steps for 5 times. 
  1. After the suggested process is completed, you will have 36 numbers with you. 
  1. This process has helped you in rounding off to 36 numbers from a set of 100 numbers. 
  1. Now whenever you try your luck at any of the draws of the platform, choose the numbers from this set only. This gives you a high chance of winning.  

So these were the steps for applying formula. Do notice that the steps discussed in this formula are completely based upon mathematics and probability, not on any kind of number chosen based upon luck.  

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Tips for Playing Play India Lottery 

Now you are aware of the formula and have understood the steps involved in its application. But before you use it in an actual draw, there are some tips and tricks you must be aware of before taking part in a lucky draw or in a lottery. 

  • Decide your lottery budget: Before taking part in a lottery or lucky draw, keep a specific amount aside as your lottery budget. This decided amount shall not be exceeded in any case while participating in lucky draws or lottery games. 
  • Choosing the Numbers: Choose the six numbers only from the set of 36 numbers which you have obtained. Most players initially trust the numbers which they have obtained but when they do not get the desired results, they stop trusting the formula. Remember, the formula only gives you the steps which increase your chances of winning, it does not guarantee your win. 
  • Play Different Lotteries: Do not rely only upon a single lottery, keep playing different lotteries. 
  • Check previous numbers: There are some numbers in the lottery which keep on repeating. Lottery winners suggest that its very important to have a look at the numbers which have hit a jackpot in the past. If any of these numbers is repeating, keep it in your list, it will greatly help you. 
  • Trust only the genuine ones: You’ll see many different websites or people who will claim that they will provide you with winning lottery numbers. Do not trust such sources. Nobody knows what the draw will yield and which number will hit jackpot. These things can only be estimated based upon probability. Trust only the sources which provide you information based upon some logic. 
  • Play in a secure Environment: Its crucial that the environment where you are putting your money is safe and secure. There are many fake lottery platforms present over the internet and you should identify them and avoid them. Some of the secure lottery platforms are Mizoram State Lottery, Nagaland State Lottery, Sikkim State Lottey and Kerala Lottery.  


Everyone is out there looking for some luck for hitting a jackpot but only a few understand that chances of hitting a jackpot can be increased with mathematics and probability. The Play India Lottery Winning Formula offers a mathematical approach to increasing the chances of winning the Play India Lottery.  

We have briefly discussed the formula and have explained the steps involved in its implementation. But knowing just the formula is not enough. You should be aware of some tips and tricks so that you are able to extract maximum from a lottery. For this, we have mentioned some useful tips for players in the last section of the article. For reading more such interesting and informative articles, keep following our blog page.