May 22, 2024

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How advanced filters can match players with their dream casinos – and vice versa

advanced filters can match players with their dream casinos

With so many online casinos in the market trying to grab your attention simultaneously it can be intimidating for a player to find the one which is just right for them. Not everyone is looking for exactly the same thing – some chase the best welcome bonuses while for someone else the deal-breaker may be a particular banking method, or perhaps the availability of games from a particular provider.

Bojoko, a leading affiliate in the UK gambling market, has a simple solution to the issue: filters. Through their customisable filters players can now quickly find operators that match their exact preferences. We sat down with Christoffer Ødegarden, Bojoko’s Head of Casino, to hear more about the benefits this bring to players and operators alike.

What was the main motivation behind Bojoko’s decision to develop your advanced filters?

No single casino can be the best fit for every single player and vice versa. We wanted to offer a way for players to use advanced filtering methods to narrow down the list of suitable candidates according to their own specific wishes and preferences.

While our site’s general scoring system is a great indicator of a casino’s overall quality, it isn’t sufficient to sort casinos further according to specific criteria. Our customizable filters offer a solution to this.

The welcome bonus is obviously a big deciding factor, but even then there are many variables. What are the wagering requirements? Is the bonus forfeitable? Is there a winning cap? Once you get down to the smaller details, every bonus is different.

And bonuses are not the only thing that matters to most players. Players will also be looking for casinos with low minimum deposits and fast withdrawals. It is also particularly common for players to look for casinos that allow their preferred banking methods. 

Imagine that you’re searching for a casino with a welcome bonus percentage above 100%. If that’s your only search criterion, you’ll end up with hundreds of potential options. By choosing other filters according to their preferences you can narrow the list down to a smaller number of candidates until you end up with only a few strong contenders.

The benefits to the players are indeed obvious but how does this serve casinos?

While the filters help the customers to find the best fit, they also filter for the best potential players for casinos. It is highly beneficial to get traffic from customers who are particularly attracted to their specific offerings.

A High Roller may drool at huge bonuses, while an Escapist may be persuaded by free spins and gamification. Our filtering will drive the right kind of customers their way, customers who are already attracted to what you, specifically, have on offer.

How does your advanced filters affect FTDs?

We are seeing a very positive impact on FTDs, as there are more paths for players to find their dream casino. As I mentioned earlier, players are different. Some will go to the page covering the type of bonus or feature they are interested in, compare the offers, and sign up. This is the standard user journey across most of our competitors for a reason, and a portion of our users are very happy with this journey.

However, a portion of our userbase want more, or alternatively, can’t quite find their perfect match in the base view. This is were filters help players and casinos alike, as the players may have given up without the ability to use quick filters to find the casinos that match their exact preferences. Suddenly, there are options that appeal to them, and they sign up and make a deposit.

The advanced filters also mean that a casino can be founds on every page that it relevant for them, and that the more offers and attributes a casino has, the more additional FTDs they are likely to receive through our platform.

There are a lot of different filtering options available. Could you quickly walk us through the main features and explain what we’re looking at?

Absolutely. The filters are grouped into seven main categories, the first one being the most popular filters. The rest are organised into different categories such as bonus, casino and banking, as well as other casino features, game offering details, and even our experts’ ratings.

As you click on each filter, you’ll see a short description of what that particular filter does. Some are sliding scales, that allows you set your exact preference, such as first deposit bonus percentage. Others are simple yes/no choices, for instance, whether the casino has a VIP program), and some, like the banking methods filter, have a list from which you choose all the options that are right for you.

You can choose up to five different filters at one go; if you set the filters smartly, you should end up with a nice short list of the best possible matches.

The filters enable Bojoko to provide readers with personalised recommendations rather than relying on a best-guess approach. Tools like these benefit all parties involved by pairing individuals with their optimal online casinos.