May 22, 2024

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Crazy Time Stats

Taking inspiration from Dream Catcher, Evolution Gaming’s Crazy Time has a money wheel, multipliers from the Top Slot that can be added during any game round, and four fantastic extra features. This game takes the interactivity and thrill to a whole new level. With the use of cutting-edge RNG technology, players may earn multipliers of up to 25,000x in two of the four bonus games.

Get ready to play one of the craziest and most fun casino games you’ll find anywhere, online or off. With its large bonus games and abundance of multipliers, Crazy time Stats is a genuine game show that is entertaining to watch and play. There’s a primary money wheel, a Top Slot atop the money wheel, and four entertaining bonus games including Cash Hunt, Pachinko, Coin Flip, and Crazy Time to enjoy in this bright and cheery casino setting.

Action-packed, high-octane gameplay is driven by both the main game and four additional minigames. The game’s accessibility stems from the fact that wagers can be placed on any combination of the available numbers (1, 2, 5, or 10) and/or bonus games. In two of the bonus games, the player is presented with a thrilling choice that alters the rewards they get. That’s incredibly cool!

About Crazy Time

Our groundbreaking Dream Catcher money wheel concept is the foundation of our groundbreaking live internet game show, Crazy Time. The ability to add multipliers from the Top Slot in every game round and in four fascinating bonus games takes the interactivity to a whole new level of fun and excitement. Two of the four bonus games have interactive components and cutting-edge technologies that allow players to win unique multipliers. Crazy Time is unlike any other game since it combines live entertainment with cutting-edge RNG gaming; also, with multipliers as high as 25,000x, the excitement level is through the roof!

Methods of Play

There’s a ton of action on the Crazy Time wheel. A variety of victories are represented by the rainbow of hues. The first section is blue, the second is yellow, the fifth is pink, and the tenth is purple. There are money tiles wherever you look, but interspersed among them are unique feature tiles where players may land for additional payouts.

One way to make money is to place a wager on the number you think the roulette wheel will stop on. Bets can be placed on any of the four unique feature tiles in addition to the standard currency tiles. For that additional game to activate, you must first deposit a wager on each of the feature tiles.

According to Evolution Gaming’s calculations, around one in every six spins of the wheel will initiate a bonus round, providing lots of opportunity for players to win.

Bonuses and Unique Functions

With that out of the way, let’s examine the supplementary features one by one now that we know the ropes.


A large purple screen appears, and rewards are detailed down its bottom. The reels are set in motion and an electronic ball is dropped from above, eventually landing on the rewards below. The location of the ball will decide the amount of the award you receive. Gains can be maximized by amassing as many doubles as possible.

Cash Hunt – 

A grid of 108 multiplier awards will appear when this bonus is activated. The host of the game will pull a gold lever, which will cause the rewards to become jumbled and hidden behind icons. A package, rabbit, joker’s hat, chicken, star, cactus, castle, and cupcake are all represented here. Then, using the mouse as a sniper scope, you may choose an icon to shoot and reveal the reward. Each player will walk away with a unique victory, upping the stakes and ensuring an interesting game.

Coin Flip – 

You guessed it: flipping coins is involved when this bonus is enabled. On the screen, there are two coins, one red and one blue. After they stop tossing the coins, two distinct multipliers will appear. A second coin will be placed in a bowl beneath the display. The outcome of the game depends on whether the coin lands on the red or blue side of the screen.

Crazy Time – 

This concludes the perks that players may earn. The background of this bonus feature is bright and cheerful, and it has a large wheel. You’ll have to pick a flapper at the beginning of the bonus game. There are a lot of different multipliers on the wheel. The wheel will turn once all players have selected a different colored flapper.  Your bonus game reward at the end will be determined by the color flapper you choose at the outset. The return to player percentage for the Crazy Time bonus is 95.5%.

How to Take Advantage of Crazy Time Stats?

The Track Casino Crazy Time are highly helpful since they show how far the real performance deviates from the predicted results. Although there are variations around predicted values in real draws, manufacturers disclose the average probability value for each area or characteristic.

If any numbers are wildly out of line with the norm, it stands to reason that they can be extracted in a way that restores the theoretical likelihood. Bets can be optimized based on game dynamics, with the aim of a nice player win using a bet on the number or Crazy Time bonus predicted, even if there is no statistical link between one spin of the wheel and the next.

For instance, if you’re wagering on the Pachinko Bonus but observe that it’s been appearing at the expected rate while the Cash Hunt has gone undrawn for a while, you might want to switch to betting on the latter. The most alluring choices may involve numbers or features, like the Coin Flip Bonus, that provide the possibility of a Budget recovery. However, remember that no strategy has a 100% chance of succeeding.

Why Crazy Time Stats are Useful?

Perhaps you’re starting to question why anyone bothers with statistics at all. If nothing else, they show that the probabilities are consistent with our prior assumptions.

Betting in Crazy Time based on the results of previous rounds is a bad idea. However, the most optimal strategy to play Crazy Time is to stake 1 repeatedly. However, this style of play is really dull. After all, you wouldn’t play any of the thrilling extra games that really add to the excitement of this game.

Simply said, this isn’t the kind of game that rewards meticulous statistical analysis. Obviously, you should remember these if you want to minimize your losses to a minimum. Being a well-informed player has clear advantages over being one who is not. But in the end, you should play as you like it the best.