July 22, 2024

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Big Daddy Casino Vs Deltin Royale: Which One You Should Prefer? 

Big Daddy Casino Vs Deltin Royale

One of the most famous tourist destinations among the youngsters in India is Goa. The beaches of Goa lure a lot of tourists in all seasons throughout the year. There are a lot of attractions for tourists on the beaches of Goa which include clubs, parties and casinos. The nightlife of Goa is a lively one. Casinos have a major role to play in it. 

Although, two major casinos preferred by tourists visiting are Big Daddy and Deltin Royale but often they find themselves confused about which one to go for. Big Daddy Casino vs Deltin Royale offers such people a clear contrast between both the prominent casinos so that it becomes easy for them to make a choice based on their preferences. 

So, if you have a trip to Goa scheduled on your calendars or have embarked on the journey towards its beaches to live the night, spare a moment and go through this article. 

Overview of Big Daddy Casino and Deltin Royal

Before we offer you key points in Deltin Royale vs Big Daddy, let’s have a closer look at the profiles of both the casinos so you get a basic idea about both. 

Big Daddy Casino Review

Big Daddy Casino opened in 2019 and is an offshore casino in Panjim, Goa. Now you might have a question in mind that what does the term ‘offshore casino’ mean here. Big Daddy is not situated on the ground but is afloat on 50,000 MV Lucky Seven boat. The casino is one of the most known and popular offshore gaming destinations in the whole of Asia. It boasts of providing its customers with Vegas-like experience. The casino has a lot many games and offers its customers a range of choices. The games in this casino are mostly India specific so that mainly tourists from Indian subcontinent can enjoy them. 

Deltin Royale Casino Review

Deltin Royale Casino is one of the most popular casinos in Goa and certainly gives competition to Big Daddy. The casino has grand interiors and is well equipped with amenities like gaming tables, kids’ zone and multi cuisine restaurant. The biggest attractions for tourists in this casino are rooms for Teen Patti and poker room. The casino also provides various entertainment services to players such as music shows, comedy shows and international dancers.  

So, this was just an introduction to both the casinos in discussion. This section doesn’t truly answer the question Big Daddy casino vs Deltin Royale which is better. In the upcoming sections of this article, we will see what the unique features of each of the casinos are and what puts them ahead in the race. 

Big Daddy Casino vs Deltin Royale: A Closer Look at Goa’s Most Famous Casinos 


For luring tourists, casinos in Goa offer a lot of attractive packages. For customers who are looking for packages by Deltin Royale and Big Daddy Casino, this section is their destination. In this section, we briefly discuss the packages offered by both casinos to their customers.  

Packages by Deltin Royale 

Deltin Royale offers packages in three different ranges.  

  • Regular Package: This package ranges between Rs 3000 to Rs 8000. For people who buy Rs 3000 per person package, there is Rs 2000 one time playing chips, free drinks and food, entertainment. This package is valid only on four days, Monday to Friday.  
  • Premium Package: This package ranges between Rs 7000 to Rs 12000. This package also has attractive playing offers, entertainment and unlimited food and drinks. 
  • VIP Package: This is a high price package which starts from Rs 15000 and goes up to Rs 22000

As we saw, all the packages offered by Deltin Royale have appealing play offers, unlimited access to food and drinks and also free entertainment. Along with the offers mentioned above, Deltin Royale has some engaging schemes for their customers who book through online mode. For more information related to these offers, you can visit the official website of Deltin Royale Casino. 

Packages by Big Daddy Casino 

The packages offered by this casino are categorized according to age. For individuals who have age over 21, the packages are: 

Daytime Deal: This is valid only for the daytime and is one of the cheapest of all the packages offered by the casino. This costs Rs 2000 per person, in which an individual gets one time playing chips worth Rs 1000 and unlimited drinks.  

Regular Package: The regular package of this casino is cheaper when compared with Deltin Royale. It costs Rs 2500 per head in which customers get playing chips worth Rs 1500 with free entertainment and unlimited food, drinks. This regular package is valid on days from Monday to Thursday. If you are buying this package on a weekend, that is, on Friday, Saturday or Sunday, then you’ll have to pay a higher price. 

Premium Package: This package also has different costs on weekdays and on weekends. If you’re buying this on a weekday, then you’ll have to pay Rs 3500 per head and Rs 4500 per head if you’re buying this package on a weekend. The amenities offered are all the same as those mentioned in the regular package except for the cost of the playing chips, which is higher in this package. 

VIP Package: This is the costliest package offered by the casino which is worth Rs 7000 per head. This package gives you access to all the VIP amenities such as VIP gaming room which has no cap on stakes. 

Regular Package for Couples: This package is specially for the couples who have visited Goa. It has differing prices on weekdays and weekends. On weekdays, this package costs Rs 5000 for each couple but on weekends it costs Rs 7000 for each couple. 

These packages discussed until now were meant for individuals who have age above 21. Big Daddy Casino also offers packages for people who are aged below 21. They can opt from the packages given below: 

Package for Youth: This package is for youths who are aged between 18 to 21 years. The cost of this package is Rs 1500 per head

Package for Kids: This is for kids aged between 8 to 18 years. This costs Rs 1000 per head. In this no chips are provided, but there is unlimited access to food and drinks. 


Big Daddy Casino 

  • This casino is afloat on a 50,000 square foot boat and has three levels of gaming with 110 tables and automatic machines. 
  • It is equipped with an entertainment zone, VIP lounge, barbecue area. 
  • It has a range of games which include Baccarat, Roulette, 3 Card Poker, Mini Flush, Mang Patta, Blackjack, Casino Wars and others. 

Deltin Royale Casino 

  • This casino has an area of 40,000 square feet which is spread over four floors along with 123 tables. 
  • Along with this it has multi cuisine restaurant, kids’ zone and a beautiful gourmet. 
  • The games it offers are Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, Texas Hold’em Poker, 5 card poker and others. 

Both the casinos are open and functional 24/7 and tourists can visit them anytime for entertainment purposes.  

What Tourists Should Keep in Mind 

There are a few points about both the casinos which you should definitely know before visiting them as they will be a deciding factor

Big Daddy Casino 

  • Customers will not get vegetarian or vegan food here. 
  • The gaming is not web-based. 

Deltin Royale Casino 

  • The gambling here has no cap over it. So, one must be careful while playing. 
  • Huge crowd. 

Last words on both Casinos 

In this article, we provided you with full details about the two most popular casinos in Goa, Big Daddy Casino vs Deltin Royale. A lot many tourists land up in Goa, who are passionate about playing poker, blackjack and other casino games but find themselves in a state of confusion while choosing between these two casinos.  

While the two casinos are at par with each other, one will have to choose based on his/ her preferences. Both casinos are dedicated towards offering their customers excellent experience, its up to the customers visiting Goa and their preferences, which casino they decide to choose. This article will surely help them in sorting the preferred one out. For more such informative and interesting content, keep following our blog page.