May 22, 2024

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The Best Slots to Try Out This Autumn

Best Slots to Try Out This Autumn

Autumn beckons with its crisp, cool embrace, inviting us to embark on a thrilling quest for new gaming experiences. As the days grow shorter and the chill in the air deepens, the perfect excuse to hunker down and indulge in gaming adventures presents itself. 

Dive into the enchanting world of autumn-themed games with us in this article as we explore some of the most captivating fall-inspired slots. We’ll unveil the finest titles, unraveling their unique characteristics, special features, and distinctive charms. 

If you’re on the lookout for fresh gaming experiences this year, look no further – this article was crafted with you in mind to help you find some of the best slots in Ireland. Keep reading to uncover a treasure trove of slot machine games to savor this autumn season.

Seasons by Yggdrasil

This is the first slot machine that we propose to you as a great option for your autumnal gaming sessions. This is a five-per-three slot machine that offers many different types of bonuses and uses a wild symbol that is reminiscent of the four seasons.

The autumnal wild season is represented by the fox because of its bright colors and forest ambiance. The winter symbol is a hare, which duplicates itself to provide a larger number of wild symbols on the grid. 

Spring is represented by an owl, which gives you a free spin bonus. As the reels spin, the owl moves randomly on the screen, and until the owl is gone, you will continue getting free spins. Summer is represented by the deer. This wild icon will expand into a cross, which will give you more opportunities to actually get a winning combination.

Seasons by Betsoft

Yes, these two slots have the same name, but their atmosphere is rather different. Seasons by Betsoft is an Asian-themed as well as season-themed slot machine that features pictures of Chinese animals as symbols. So, even though they are similar from a theme point of view, the aesthetic is what really sets them apart.

Seasons by Betsoft is an extremely esteemed game that contains some distinctive features. First of all, the “gamble” feature is interesting, as it gives you the option to double your winnings after a spin. While using this feature, you must choose either heads or tails and then flip the coin. If you guessed it right, you can double your prize, but if you guessed it wrong, you must forfeit your wins.

Another interesting feature of this slot is the “seasonal calendar” feature, which will use thirty spins to advance, and when this happens, the slot will choose a golden animal. The animals will have a multiplier until a new animal arrives as the new golden one on your screen.

Lastly, there is the “animal change” feature to consider as well, as with every 90 spins, seasons will change, and therefore, animals will change, too. This will give you more multipliers as well as higher payouts. Additionally, if the symbols land as a block, you might be able to get bigger wins. 

Lucky Halloween by Red Tiger

For many people out there, October means Halloween. This slot is perfect for people who love this festivity, as it features Halloween themes merged with elements from Ghost Rider. In this slot, you have a pumpkin-head biker who helps you get the big prizes. 

There are some interesting features in this game, and the first one worth mentioning is the “mega wild” feature, which is a wild symbol that covers 3×3 slots on the grid. This works as a substitute for other symbols. The “random wilds” feature also works as a common wild symbol, which will substitute other symbols on the grid and will help you make a winning line.

There are two more features worth mentioning with this game meaning the pumpkin tree, which allows you to multiply your wins up to 20x, and the “special reels” feature, which means that reels with high-paying symbols only yield big prizes.

Additionally, the Pumpkin Biker can add some extra wild symbols to the grid, even if you don’t manage to land them. As this happens randomly, the Pumpkin Biker can also initiate a multiplier bonus for you. This is a great Halloween-themed slot that is perfect to play during this season.

Autumn Queen by Novomatic

Autumn Queen is often considered a classic in the world of slot machines. This is a 40-payline slot machine, where the Autumn Queen is the most valuable symbol in this game, and your maximum amount of coins is 50,000.

The Autumn Queen sign can work as a substitute for all the symbols aside from the scatter. The orb works as a scatter symbol, which gives you up to 80 free games. Additionally, the scatter can also randomly add stacked symbols. The scatter can only trigger free spins if you land the symbols from left to right, not randomly. This is a great autumn-themed slot machine that can give you all the autumnal and Halloween vibes you need during your gaming sessions.

There are many other slot machines out there that are related to the world of either autumn or Halloween or both, such as Granny vs. Zombies or True Kult. This is a great season to explore some new and great slot machines and find out more about their unique features and traits. If you are into autumn-themed slots as well as Halloween slots, there are so many free resources to consider when browsing for more.


You can find some great online slots out there that match your favorite aesthetics and themes perfectly. You can find spooky slot machines, funny ones, and ones that provide great bonuses and amazing promotions perfect for your taste. 

You can find themed slots for every season of the year, but Halloween and autumnal slots are a great activity to try out, as they are often funny, dynamic, colorful, and extremely easy to use and win with. We hope this article was useful, and we wish you good luck in your future game sessions.